Waters Edge


The dream of Waters Edge Church began in late 1997. Lead Pastor, Stuart Hodges, and his wife walked away from one of their first seminary chapel services and knew that God had ignited in their hearts a passion for starting a new church. For them, it was a passion for a new kind of church…and a desire to do church differently.

Launching six years later it is now a multi-site church of thousands offering residency opportunities in all aspects of ministry (worship, students, kids, leadership, etc.)

APPLY HEREHere is some Q & A with Executive Pastor Mike Hancock:

What are your greatest hopes and dreams for the next couple of years for your church?
With God’s blessing we’re planning for more growth.We anticipate opening more campuses in the future and changing the way 10,000 people think about church.

Does your church’s website state the mission, vision, values and key distinctives of your church?
Yes.They are not described in great detail, but they are present on our website. We are driven by the mission to change the way people think about church and are guided by six values that make us unique.

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How many full-time pastors do you currently have?

Please describe the current staff structure.

We are led by a central Executive Team, including the Lead Pastor. Each Campus has a local staff that report directly to the Campus Pastor with responsibilities to central ministry staff.

What qualities does it take to “win” on staff at your church?
We’re looking for fun and energetic people that are passionate about ministry and are addicted to life change! We work hard and do whatever it takes to reach those distant from God. 

Who will the resident report to? Will there be a different person acting as coach?
The resident will report to the Executive Director over that specific area of ministry with some training and with other downline staff.

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Are there particular assessment tools that you prefer when exploring potential staff people?
We have a prospective staff screening questionnaire.We also prefer a DISC profile.

How long has senior leadership been serving in your church?
Pastor Stu started the church 16 years ago. Members of our Executive Director Team range in tenure from six years to two months.

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination or association of churches? If so, what websites could one investigate to gain further understanding?
We are a part of SBCV. We also participate with a few other organizations including Growing Churches Network and ARC.

What are the key doctrinal and theological issues where alignment is essential?
We believe there is one God and that His son Jesus is the only way to get to Him.We believe that every word of the Bible is His word and that it is true.And that if you ask God to forgive you, you go to Heaven-not because you can do anything to deserve it, but because Jesus died on the cross to make you right with God.

What is your average weekend attendance?

In general, what is your church demographic?
It depends a little on which campus, but we program toward men and young middle class families.You will see people of all ages and backgrounds represented on our campuses.

Is there more than one site or venue? If so, please describe.
We currently have three campuses.Two permanent locations and one portable campus.

How many conversions has your church had in the past 12 months? (however you define this and whatever you count)
In 2018 we experienced 1,194 salvations and baptized 282 people.

What percentage of people are involved in a small group?
I guess that depends on how you define group.We believe everybody needs a group! This month we’ve had 1015 adults attend group, 352 students attend group, and 509 kids attend group.That’s 65% of our church connected, cared for, and growing through groups.

What is your church known for in the community?
We’re known as being very fun and welcoming to all people. We’re known for very prac2cal but challenging teaching. We’re known for our excellence in worship and produc2on. We’re known for our great partnerships with schools and organiza2ons in our community that we support throughout the year.


How much are you planning on financially compensating your resident? Is it set or is it flexible?
It is set at $150/week.

What are the expected work hours and what does a typical workweek look like for this resident?
We are looking for close to full time. Sun-Thur hours with additional holiday and event time.

What are three single-word-adjectives that describe what it’s like to work on your church staff?
Fun, Fast-Paced, & Rewarding

What are your greatest hopes & goals for a future resident?
We are excited to develop future leaders.We believe we can provide them with opportunities that will help them grow into an effective church leader both on platform and off. They will learn about the best practices of leading in a growing church today.

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