Shelter Cove


Shelter Cove Church is a church of 2,000 in Modesto, CA. They are all about reaching and raising authentic believers for Jesus no matter where they are in their journey. For many this journey begins during the weekend service, which is why raising up more worship leaders and Experience Team members is so critical.


Some Q & A with Experience Pastor Ryan Loche

What are your greatest hopes and dreams for the next couple of years for your church?
We’re expanding quickly and I’m excited about what God has in store for our department.  We’ll be launching new services and campuses in the coming years as well as looking toward a new worship center on our main campus.

Why did you choose to do a residency & what are you hopeful will happen through this process?
I’m excited to work with some people with fresh eyes for ministry that have a heart for bringing their very best to every weekend experience.  We chose to go with a residency because the breadth of what we’re doing will need us to bring on a team of residents. 

What is it like to work on staff there?
Exciting, fast paced, and fun.  We’re quick to try new things for the sake of winning people to Jesus.  We’re very collaborative and our experience department particularly tends to be involved in almost everything going on at the church.  One week we’ll be planning for a totally unique service and another we may be spending time in the kid’s ministry dreaming up how we can make the space feel more like Disneyland. 


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Does your church’s website state the mission, vision, values and key distinctives of your church? Please paste the link:  

Please describe the current staff structure.
We have a lead pastor and an executive pastor, Ryan (the experience pastor) reports directly to the exec pastor.  The Experience team is responsible for worship, production, communications, broadcast, assimilations, and small groups.

What qualities does it take to “win” on staff at your church?  
Problem solving and proactivity.  The team member that sees a problem and offers a solution that no one else has noticed really brings excitement to the team.  We try to make sure everyone on the team has time to just think and not do as those are the times that often bring great solutions or initiatives that wouldn’t have been thought about as we go through the week to week of ministry.

Who will the resident report to?  Will there be a different person acting as coach?
Ryan Loche, the Experience Pastor

Are there particular assessment tools that you prefer when exploring potential staff people?
No, we just want to get to know them before anything else.

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Are you affiliated with a particular denomination or tribes/association of churches? If so, what websites could one investigate to gain further understanding?
No, we’re non-denominational

What are the key doctrinal and theological issues where alignment is essential?

We’d like anyone on our team to agree with our Statement of Faith found here:

What is your average weekend attendance?

In general, what is your church demographic?
Young families in their mid-thirties with a fair representation of older and younger. /\

Is there more than one site or venue? If so, please describe.
We’re currently one site with multiple venues.  We do 3 modern services on a weekend (Hillsong, Elevation, etc.), 1 traditional service which does a mix of popular contemporary worship and hymns, and a café service with an acoustic take on the modern worship set list.  We’re in the planning stages for launching a campus in September 2020.


How many conversions has your church had in the past 12 months? (however, you define this and whatever you count)

What percentage of people are involved in a small group?
32% of our adults are involved in a group.

What is your church known for in the community?
Community wide events, strong biblical teaching, and awesome worship.

How much are you planning on financially compensating your resident?  Is it set or is it flexible?
Flexible based on scope of responsibilities.

What are the expected work hours and what does a typical workweek look like for this resident? 
Our residents will have typical full-time hours.  Their week will look like being involved in various capacities in our weekend services as well as mid-week offerings.  We do a lot of collaboration and the resident will be involved in a number of meetings to both bring insight and get experience working with upper management.

What else would you say to a resident considering joining your team?
We’re looking forward to having the right people join us.  Most every church will say that theirs is the best, but Shelter Cove really is something special.  You’ll love being a part of the team here.


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