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Real Life Church is a multi-site church in Southern California that runs about 6,500 on a normal weekend across several locations. We are thrilled to be partnering with them. Below is some Q & A with Dave Wilson, the Director of the Leadership Institute at Real Life.


What are your greatest hopes and dreams for the next couple of years for your church?
The big vision is to plant a church or a campus in every county in California with at least one new launch each year.

Does your church’s website state the mission, vision, values and key distinctives of your church?

How many full-time pastors do you currently have?
22 between the three campuses

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Please describe the current staff structure.
We are a multi-site model with a Central Services structure of Executive Staff that function as vision casters and large picture function of the church. Each campus has a Campus Pastor and a structure based on our Leadership Pipeline from volunteer team member to leader to coach to team lead to director.

What qualities does it take to “win” on staff at your church?  
We are primarily looking for staff members to have high Character, Competency in their field, Chemistry on the team, and who feel Called to helping people find and follow Jesus as a full time vocation.

Who will the resident report to?  Will there be a different person acting as coach?
The Resident will report to myself as the Director of the Residency program as well as their pastoral coach which will be determined by the candidate and which campus and ministry they fit best.

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Are there particular assessment tools that you prefer when exploring potential staff people?
he tools we value and have used are: Strengthfinders 2.0, Enneagram, MBTI, DISC and spiritual giftings.


How long has senior leadership been serving in your church?
Rusty George has been the lead pastor since 2001 and our Executive Pastor Fred Gray has been in the position since 2013.

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination or tribes/association of churches? If so, what websites could one investigate to gain further understanding?
No, we are a non-denominational Christian church.


What are the key doctrinal and theological issues where alignment is essential?

Orthodox view of Salvation and Trinity and the function of the local church. Baptism by immersion as the symbol of forgiveness of Sin through Christ. Communion is the memorial symbol of the work of Christ on the cross. Our pastors and staff have a very eclectic theological viewpoint beyond the orthodoxically creedal essentials.


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What is your average weekend attendance?

Approximately 6500 weekly attendance amongst all physical campuses with an additional 1500 online weekly.

In general, what is your church demographic?

Predominately suburban families. Santa Clarita is increasingly becoming more diverse within age, gender, and ethnic demography.


Is there more than one site or venue? If so, please describe.
Yes, we have our Valencia location which is the original and largest location that we call Real Life Church, then we have Discovery Church which is our Simi Valley location and our newest campus is in Canyon Country known as Canyon Church.


How many conversions has your church had in the past 12 months? (however you define this and whatever you count)
Baptisms would be the way we gauge our effectiveness in this area and we baptized over 550 in the past 12 months!

What percentage of people are involved in a small group?
The goal by the end of this calendar year is to have 50% of our attenders in a group.

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What is your church known for in the community?
We desire to be a church that the community we are reaching would fight for us if we ever had to close our doors. Throughout all locations we are known for being a church that deeply cares about the local community and we partner with many local non-profits. We are also known for being a church that is welcoming of all with practical teaching and many avenues to grow in your faith.

How much are you planning on financially compensating your resident?  Is it set or is it flexible?
We are looking to do a support-based model where each Resident will be responsible for raising most of their financial support for salary and benefits. We will provide fundraising coaching, housing, laptop and a portion of the total financial support needed.

What are the expected work hours and what does a typical workweek look like for this resident? 
This is a full time pastoral resident position with 40+ hours of work and training. Sunday-Thursday is the typical work week with Friday and Saturday off unless we have a ministry event based on the campus and season.

What are three single-word-adjectives that describe what it’s like to work on your church staff?





What are your greatest hopes & goals for a future resident?
To be fully prepared and trained for the work of advancement of the Kingdom of God as a missional servant of, through and with Jesus Christ as the source. We hope that all our residents will fully feel both the privilege and responsibility of full time vocational ministry while embracing their own limitations as well as God’s limitless work locally and globally.



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