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CenterPointe church is a dynamic, growing, church in Lexington, KY. CenterPointe is seeking an energetic young leader to serve as their Leadership Resident of Kids Ministry.

Located on the North side of Lexington, CenterPointe opened its doors in November of 2004. The church culture is casual and relaxed with current music and relevant preaching. You can experience recent messages from the church leadership here.





CenterPointe Question & Answers

Church Name:  CenterPointe Christian Church

City / State:   Lexington, KY

Your name: Brian Bolton

Your position:  Pastor

Proposed Residency Job Title:  Leadership - Kids focused


1.    What are your greatest hopes and dreams for the next couple of years for your church?

    • We want to help multitudes find and follow God

    • We are working towards setting up the body of CP for health and vitality for the next 20 years.

    • Leadership development and equipping of leaders/servants is of high priority

2.     Does your church’s website state the mission, vision, values and key distinctives of your church?

    • Yes.

    • However, we are in a season right now where we are reevaluating everything so some of this might adjust soon.    

3.    How many full-time pastors do you currently have?

    • 2 – Lead Pastor & Family Pastor


4.    Please describe the current staff structure.

    • Lead Pastor (Full Time)

    • Family Pastor (Full Time)

    • Worship Pastor (Part-Time 15hrs week)

    • Administrative Assistant (Full Time)

5.    What qualities does it take to “win” on staff at your church?  

    • Christ like character, growing with Jesus

    • Hard work, be willing to go above and beyond

    • Servant leadership, how can I serve the greater mission

    • Teachable, be a learner

6.    Who will the resident report to?  Will there be a different person acting as coach?

    • Since our staff team is not large, they will work closely with the entire staff team. Once the resident is selected, they will work under the leadership of the person where they are serving be it children or worship or both. As the lead Pastor I will oversee the process. 

7.    Are there particular assessment tools that you prefer when exploring potential staff people?

·      We like using a spiritual gifts & personality tool. We have one on our website for the spiritual gifts which for a small fee we would like them to take the personality one as well. We are open to other tools you work with, but we do like to use an assessment tool. Also, we have a questionnaire we’ve used when hiring staff or bringing on Elders. This might be helpful as well.

8.    How long has senior leadership been serving in your church?

    • Brian’s been the lead Pastor for 15yrs

    • Lane’s been the family Pastor for 4yrs.

9.    Are you affiliated with a particular denomination or tribes/association of churches? If so, what websites could one investigate to gain further understanding?

    • We are independent Christian church/church of Christ

    • I’m not aware of the best website to send someone to, but I do have a few documents I could share with a potential resident.

10.What are the key doctrinal and theological issues where alignment is essential?

·      They can see our core beliefs at

·      We would want the resident to be unified within these core beliefs

11.What is your average weekend attendance?
About 300

12. In general, what is your church demographic?

    • Married, young families with racial diversity. About 25% other than white.

    • Middle class, most families both parents work. 

13.Is there more than one site or venue? If so, please describe.

·      No

14. How many conversions has your church had in the past 12 months? (however you define this and whatever you count)

    • 2016 – 10

    • 2017 – 15

    • 2018 – 14

    • 2019 – 5

15.What percentage of people are involved in a small group?

    • 70%

16.What is your church known for in the community?

    • Bible teaching church

    • Supporting our community through outreach projects – backpacks, generosity feeds, local school support

    • Drive thru prayer

    • Kids camp

    • Community fun events – fall festival, Easter Eggstravaganza

17. How much are you planning on financially compensating your resident?  Is it set or is it flexible?

    • We will work with the resident and can have some flexibility. We are thinking $100-$150 a week and provide a place to stay, assuming we can make that happen.

18.What are the expected work hours and what does a typical workweek look   like for this resident?

    • Office hours are Monday – Thursday (8:30-4:00pm)

    • Evening and weekends as needed

19.What are three single-word-adjectives that describe what it’s like to work on your church staff?

·      Collaborative

·      Flexible

·      Positive


20. What are your greatest hopes & goals for a future resident?

·         They grasp what it means to walk with Jesus at the Center of life. That they would learn all ministry and life flows from your personal walk with Christ. To many people in ministry serving the Lord with a bankrupt walk with Christ.

·         They would love their ministry experience and grow a desire to serve the Lord full time for their life calling.

·         They would gain skills and abilities to lead people in ministry

·         We could hire them on our staff after the resident program, and if we are not able to, we want them to walk into a healthy ministry elsewhere.

·         I hope to develop a personal relationship that will continue for years no matter where we serve the Lord they will find help and encouragement from me.