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Restoration Community Church in Denver has a history of planting churches. They have plans to plant more in the future. Join a team with a proven planter to learn how, and get the resource and help needed from day one.

Restoration is located just south of downtown and close to Denver University.

Ron Johnson, Senior Pastor

Q & A With Senior Pastor Ron Johnson:

What are your greatest hopes and dreams for the next couple of years for your church?

A new building, lots of growth because of a great new space and an aligned staff, 25+ more churches we have helped plant, our church plants multiplying, successful discipleship Pathway going strong, residents in every ministry area

Does your church’s website state the mission, vision, values and key distinctives of your church? Yes see the beliefs tab

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How many full-time pastors do you currently have?


Please describe the current staff structure. Directional team (Lp and Xp) with pastors overseeing ministry areas

What qualities does it take to “win” on staff at your church? Hustle, hungry, humble (teachable), hero making, heart smart, healthy, humor

Who will the resident report to? Will there be a different person acting as coach? Church Planting Resident will report to the Lead Pastor

Are there particular assessment tools that you prefer when exploring potential staff people?

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Enneagram and SF, Myers-Briggs

How long has senior leadership been serving in your church? Lp since the start in 2010 and xp since 2015

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination or association of churches? If so, what websites could one investigate to gain further understanding?

We are multi denominational, NAM, Exponential, ARC

Strategic launch Network Breakthrough Leadership Network

What are the key doctrinal and theological issues where alignment is essential?

Please see website and beliefs

What is your average weekend attendance? 550

In general, what is your church demographic?

Highly educated, affluent, social justice minded, somewhat liberal in social issues

How many conversions has your church had in the past 12 months? (however you define this and whatever you count) 20 baptisms in the last 13 months

What percentage of people are involved in a small group?


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What is your church known for in the community?

Church planting, a generous church externally focused

How much are you planning on financially compensating your resident? Is it set or is it flexible?

$1,000 monthly

What are the expected work hours and what does a typical workweek look like for this resident?
This will require the resident to possibly work a part-time job most likely. 30 hours a week for sure. Could look different for the right person

What are three single-word-adjectives that describe what it’s like to work on your church staff?
innovative, fun, intense

What are your greatest hopes & goals for a future resident?

They would plant a church successfully after Restoration. They would leave in a year and successfully plant a church

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