We help churches develop leaders through residency and coaching.




We are a little concerned with where you’ve been, we are more concerned about how open you are to feedback about where you are, and we are very concerned about your potential.  Not all who apply are going to get in, but we promise to pour over each one, and do the hard work with you.




For those who make it to this phase, we will do facetime interviews. You can expect more than one, and expect it to be highly relational.  Ultimately, we are trying to get to know you as well as we can so we can match you so everybody is set up for success.




When we feel we have a match we introduce candidates with a church, and then allow the church to lead the conversation through the final stage of interview. We are ready to step in and translate should the
need arise.




We stay fully engaged with the church through monthly coaching and periodic check-ins on progress and struggles of development. Each church is assigned a leadership coach, and given leadership tools and helps to have developmental conversations. We never really “finish” – this is an ongoing relationship.