Will Parkins : My Leadership Pathway

I had absolutely no intention of going into ministry.

I grew up as a pastor’s kid, and would always be asked “You wanna be a Preacher like your dad someday, Will?” My answer was always a quick no. But shortly after high school, I began to feel a burden on my heart for loving people the way a pastor – and a church – should. I had seen the state of many churches around our country, and I was disappointed with the way they addressed unbelievers, the absence of the love they were called to display to each other. I feel the love of Jesus is the solution to any problem, yet there are so many church leaders who fail to teach about God’s kindness and grace.

I spent three summers volunteering and working for a Southern Colorado youth camp, ages 3rd through 12th grade. I led some small and large groups, and got to lead some awesome activities like mountain biking. I also spent a couple of years volunteering for the kids’ ministry at my home church, where I would often lead 4th and 5th grade boys (sheer craziness!)

I was actually looking for a full-time non-ministry job when I came across the application for Rocky Mountain Christian Church. I’d planned to volunteer for a local church’s youth and college ministries while I finished Bible college, but God had different plans. Now as a Kids’ Resident at Rocky Mountain, I get to learn literally everything about full-time vocational ministry. Coming into this, I was honestly just expecting to learn a lot of practical skills and gain experience in speaking, leading groups and working within the congregation. I’m thankful for the practical administrative skills, but what’s really important to me is being totally and completely dependent on God in prayer. Our efforts and programs are meaningless without his movement.

Over the next year, I hope to gain more teaching experience. I want to get truly comfortable on a stage, and be confident in the words I’m saying. I’ve been part of several churches that have all been very different, and I want to take what’s most biblical from each of them into my future ministry. I’m living out my calling by sharing the Gospel with every person I know. We’ve all been called to make disciples, and I am simply being obedient to loving people the way God has loved me.

I believe God has full-time ministry in store for me after this residency. Leaders should give up all they are, or aspire to be, for the sake of the Gospel, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and love others every day. There’s a world full of lost people out there, and my wife and I are eager to serve God in whatever way he calls us.

To anyone considering a leadership residency, I would say do it. You need a mentor. Find accountability. We’re not as smart as we think we are. Find someone who has walked through life and made the mistakes you’re likely to make yourself. And be patient. Don’t hurry through this season.

I’m Will Parkins, and this is my leadership pathway.

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