The Jitters

by Sean Badeer, Recruiter

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Perhaps you have a memory of climbing up to the top of the high dive, or walking to the edge of the cliff over looking the lake below. Your friends are there urging you on. Suddenly, your legs feel wobbly, you let out a nervous chuckle, and you think to yourself “I can’t do this. Perhaps I should climb back down.”

Welcome to The Jitters.

The Jitters are a phenomena that sticks its nose in to our business and tries to keep us from achieving, exploring, and experiencing all that life has to offer! The Jitters also goes by the name of Getting Cold Feet (pending on where you are from and how old you might be).

The Jitters gets turned up to MAX at during the first bike ride (without a parent holding on to the seat), first day of middle school, first day of high school, driving alone for the first time, the freshman year of college, that first day on a job where you know you are in over your head, and many more…

I’ve experienced them before (and many not that long ago!).

I see The Jitters every week at Leadership Pathway. Many weeks I’m wondering what happened to an amazing candidate I had interviewed and introduced to a church. They were for sure interested in doing this just a few weeks ago, and now I cannot reach them. It’s like they climbed up to the high dive and now they’re the person saying “excuse me” over and over as they make their way down the ladder. Oh man! They were so close.

Do not fear. I have a few helps to combat The Jitters:

  1. TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE. Do a scripture study on fear. Do you know the phrase “do not fear” is in the bible 365 times. It’s true cause Rick Warren says so! Second Corinthians 10:5 is a great reminder to keep these thoughts locked away. Take them captive. Churches need great leaders…there’s nothing more than the Enemy would want than for you to not be one of them!

  2. GO BACK TO THE DATA. Similar to an irrational fear of flying…the data is in your favor! Have you read posts on our website about this path? Have you checked out some of these stories? There are many who’ve walked this path and actually lived to tell about it! Remind yourself that you are not crazy. Email me…I’ll remind you!

  3. STAY ENGAGED. Let me ask, who is most likely to help you through The Jitters of a scary roller coaster: the person who has never ridden a coaster, or those who have ridden and who have talked many others in to riding? It’s obvious. You must stay engaged with us if you applied in February and you are thinking about starting this summer. Every one negative comment from a doubter (a counselor, loving family member, etc.) about the path you’ve chosen will take five positive reinforcements from us & the church you are heading towards. So answer the texts and emails and stay engaged as you move forward!

You’ve probably heard us say over and over that The Kingdom needs you to take the strongest and most positive step you can! We can help you do this. Don’t let The Jitters over come the path ahead. Click that magic button below to help you!

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