4 Paths Which Began in Kid Ministry 25 Years Ago

by Dave Miller

I originally recorded this a year ago in May of 2018.

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I worked on it for a few hours in Garage Band trying to make it sound passable, and it has been on my desktop ever since. I think I’ll leave the podcasting to my bud Rich Birch of unSeminary. This is a lot of work and I’m pretty sure this is the only one I’ll ever get done!

So, I’m a huge baseball fan and have been taken with a podcast on the journey of MLB Executives. I love the stories of these amazing leaders who begin by washing jerseys, or being a bat boy. They aren’t paid for years…their grit is amazing.

A year ago I was thinking we should do this for church leaders, too! I’ll record ten of these to just start!

It’s been a year. So, here it is probably my one and only podcast on the journey of church leaders.

One of our values in the First 90 Days of a residency is to help the resident “feel the weight” of ministry as quickly as possible. We know that one of the best ways to do this is in kids ministry. They have to recruit volunteers, train/onboard them, and figure out how to lead in a hurry. You’ll hear this in these guys’ stories.

Here’s my conversation executive pastors Bryan Carter of Crossroads Cincinnati, Greg Gilmore of Owensboro Christian Church, Chris Hahn of Southland in Lexington, KY and Bart Stone of Momentum Church in Atlanta. All went to college together, all began in kids ministry (I didn’t actually even know that until this conversation), and all have sustain ministry for the better part of 25 years.

Show Notes

Wanna be in ministry?
1. Run towards a great leader
2. Run towards a great church
3. Start in kids ministry!

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Bart Stone

Senior Pastor, Momentum

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Chris Hahn

Executive Pastor, Southland

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Greg Gilmore

Executive Pastor, Owensboro Christian

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Bryan Carter

Executive Pastor Crossroads