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Three Secrets of an Lp Residency

“What’s the secret of a Leadership Pathway Residency?”

Our team gets this question often. I normally think that those asking are hoping we’ve landed on something magical…a silver bullet of growing a future leader.

Someone recently texted me after listening to a podcast “thanks for the open-platform learning you are providing for us out here.” I thought “cool, there’s a platform? and it’s open?” Yes!

So in an effort …

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The Third Rail

Five years ago, we led a series of round table discussion with dozens of church leaders with over 800 years of combined leadership experience in small and large churches in a variety of settings. We asked two questions: a.) what are you looking for in your next hire? and 
b.)  why didn’t that last hire work out like you thought it was going to?

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Six Qualities of a Teaching Church

A commitment to being this type of church is at the core of all we do. Perhaps you could evaluate your church or organization through these six criteria that have now become values that we try to live in to with our partner churches.

How would you rate your church in owning these six values:

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What & How by Sean Badeer

It’s going to take a new kind of leader to lead in the local church. And we need them now more than ever before. You don’t have to look intently to notice that our world is changing. As issues continue to get more complicated and divisive, church leaders are faced with new questions and challenges that need to be answered by a new generation.

This is what drives our passion for creating church leaders at Leadership Pathway. What we do is fueled by a passion to see a new generation of leaders prepared for ministry through the local church.

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Top Ten Questions (part two)

I am a big believer in the next generation. I don’t buy into the negativity that often surrounds millennials in the workplace. Those negative voices aren’t talking the same students that I’m talking to. These young leaders are the not only capable, but they have passion and purpose, and want to see the church impact communities, reach their peers, and change the world.

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Top Ten Questions (part one)

Leadership Pathway (Lp) matches potential ministry residents with churches that have committed to being a teaching church. We then coach the staff at the church in the best practices of equipping the resident for two years in 24Core Competencies in our coaching manual we’ve called a Guidebook.

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About five years ago I did a series of roundtable lunches with senior leaders of churches. I asked them two questions:

What are you looking for in your next hire?
Why did you, or your executive pastor, have to fire someone on your staff?

After speaking with about 80 leaders across denominations, and from churches of all sizes we landed at about 150 general answers. I took this spreadsheet and had it printed at Fed Ex Kinkos (it was quite large) and hung one copy on a co-worker’s wall, and hung one copy on my office wall.

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Stuck on Residency? Here are Three Guiding Principles

The title for this post could be “You Should Start a Residency Program at Your Church Even if You Aren’t Ready” because I know some great churches who keep putting off pulling the trigger.

I blogged here before about the importance of residency, and why churches should move beyond short internships. Recently, I’ve had a few conversations with church leaders that I know would be great providing oversight to a resident leader, but they simply couldn’t get approval from their executive teams. “We’re not quite ready,” is the typical response.

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