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What & How by Sean Badeer

It’s going to take a new kind of leader to lead in the local church. And we need them now more than ever before. You don’t have to look intently to notice that our world is changing. As issues continue to get more complicated and divisive, church leaders are faced with new questions and challenges that need to be answered by a new generation.

This is what drives our passion for creating church leaders at Leadership Pathway. What we do is fueled by a passion to see a new generation of leaders prepared for ministry through the local church.

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Where Do Residents Come From?

People ask all the time where do you find residents? So here's a quick scan of the most recent applicants and where they came from:

Loyola University with a Masters in International Studies
College drop-out who has been working a job for the last 3 years
Auburn University Grad with a Business degree
From within their own church
Graduate of a prestigious Small Liberal Arts College

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Top Ten Questions (part two)

I am a big believer in the next generation. I don’t buy into the negativity that often surrounds millennials in the workplace. Those negative voices aren’t talking the same students that I’m talking to. These young leaders are the not only capable, but they have passion and purpose, and want to see the church impact communities, reach their peers, and change the world.

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Top Ten Questions (part one)

Leadership Pathway (Lp) matches potential ministry residents with churches that have committed to being a teaching church. We then coach the staff at the church in the best practices of equipping the resident for two years in 24Core Competencies in our coaching manual we’ve called a Guidebook.

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When I began in ministry there was this thing that churches did called, “summer internships.” I started in ministry the year Bill Clinton began his first term. Many of you reading this are too young to remember Bill Clinton as President, and yet, churches are still doing summer internships.

Ways in which summer internships work:

- Cheap (yet questionable) labor
- Keeps the college student out of his parents’ basement

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