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Six Qualities of a Teaching Church

A commitment to being this type of church is at the core of all we do. Perhaps you could evaluate your church or organization through these six criteria that have now become values that we try to live in to with our partner churches.

How would you rate your church in owning these six values:

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The Gaps

I think we’d all agree that self-awareness coupled with an understanding of our own shortcomings is paramount in understanding how to set goals and strive for the next milestone of leadership.

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The "Check-In" Dashboard

If in your coaching & developmental conversation time you’ve hit a road block, and when you ask “How are you this week?” you are getting a predictable blank stare or the same old “fine" then perhaps this could help.

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About five years ago I did a series of roundtable lunches with senior leaders of churches. I asked them two questions:

What are you looking for in your next hire?
Why did you, or your executive pastor, have to fire someone on your staff?

After speaking with about 80 leaders across denominations, and from churches of all sizes we landed at about 150 general answers. I took this spreadsheet and had it printed at Fed Ex Kinkos (it was quite large) and hung one copy on a co-worker’s wall, and hung one copy on my office wall.

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