Three Things It Takes to Succeed

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It’s May and that means graduation and advancement. It also means articles get written about the potential job markets, and if this generation is “ready” or not…so this got us thinking…what do people believe it takes to be a success?

So, we polled a wide range of blue collar works, college students, non-profit leaders, teachers, pastors, seminary & university presidents, consultants, moms/dads and business leaders. We received over one hundred unique answers to the following question:

Only giving single word answers, what three things/attributes would
you tell an 8th grader that it takes to succeed?

The top answer by far was grit (also defined as discipline, persistence, perseverance, and resilience). These words received 18 votes.

We were surprised by the 2nd most popular trait. Click here to get the whole list.

What do you think is missing?

Dave Miller