HR +Lp = TD 

HR +Lp = TD

“For the better part of the past decade, it seems like every church I’m in I get asked who do you know that would want to join our team?” begins Matt McKay, Founder of House Right Production (HR). “Rather than ignore it or be complicit to the problem, I’ve been considering for some time how we at House Right might help even if only in a small way.”

House Right is a Lexington, KY-based company that helps churches nationally with design, installation, and training around audio/video/lighting. Originally educated as an engineer, McKay took the normal path of most who wind up doing church production. “I was a volunteer who kept saying ‘yes’ at my home church,” continues McKay, “I had grown up in one of those families that just modeled ministry. If the doors were open at the church it seemed like we were there. We were bought in.”

This idea of being fully bought in led McKay to eventually say “yes” when asked to leave his career as an engineer at LexMark, an IBM company, and be a Technical Director at Crossroads Church in Lexington.  Future leaders need a proven path and a trusted guide, and McKay received that at Crossroads. “I had someone take me under his wing. He showed me not only best practices in technology, but how to actually pastor a Production Ministry in a growing church.”

Over the past several years McKay has sought out similar leaders on to his team to serve churches. Virtually all of the House Right team walked a similar path as a go-to volunteer and eventually growing in to a trusted staff leader. 

Leadership Pathway (Lp) has only ever done residency programs with churches so this will be a unique partnership. “This team loves the church,” says McKay, “that’s an understood to belong here. I want to find someone who wants to do this and help them land in church leadership someday.”

The House Right team has done hundreds of projects with growing churches coast to coast. This resident will see some of the most dynamic churches in the country. “We hope to instill in this resident not only the how-to of best practices, but the coaching through soft-skills and core competencies required, of which churches desperately need.”  McKay and his team will be leaning in to Lp and the coaching manual, Guidebook, of core competencies.

Plans call for partnerships with some dynamic churches in House Right’s region, a living stipend, and local housing. McKay says, “We will work as hard as we can for the next decade helping churches achieve their vision. That’s our mission, and it’s critical. But I want to look back and know that we invested in the people part of this, too. Everyone on this team had a trusted guide that got them to where they are today, and we will be this for others.”

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in this type of opportunity they can see the profile here on the opportunities page

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